[Cdt-l] Postholer CDT mapping

Scott Parks public at postholer.com
Tue Oct 25 18:07:28 CDT 2011

Thanks for the interest Dave!

 > On almost every map several alternatives exist. Jonathan has kept
 > track of these and offers that variety.

Jonathan's data and the knowledge he possesses was most certainly in 
forefront of my mind when this CDT map process started. I am hopeful and 
enthusiastic as to it's outcome!

 > I dont think hikers want a single CDT.

As someone who has never stepped foot on the CDT, I completely agree. 
But it's also nice to have a baseline, a starting point, like an 
'official' trace. An organization exists and has gone to great expense 
and effort to realize an 'official' CDT as mandated by Congress. I 
couldn't think of a better starting point.

 > I have used Out of Order's gpx files on my GPS and have found them
 > very useful with few "errors", so there is a starting point for Scott.

Indeed, an excellent point. You'll find OOO's data incorporated with all 
the way point data I have from all the great folks who have contributed. 
That's 3,000+ way points on the CDT google map. Careful, the following 
link is hell on some browsers:

 > Perhaps Scott can sort out the Out of Order segments into "official"
 > and "alternative" and then plot them on his master map.

Yes, as well as all the way points.

 > I have also used CDTA gpx points on my GPS and find them less useful
 > as they are sometimes too far apart to show the detailed trail,

those are in there as well

 > I guess it would be a matter of personal opinion of what constitutes
 > my CDT and it is unlikely to be the same as your CDT.

That is so true for any long trail, particularly the CDT!

 > What is Scott's next step?

Like I said earlier, it all revolves around an accurate, actually 
walked, trace.



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