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Ron Dobra ghsron at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 21:06:57 CDT 2011

Well, as a recently plaqued TC (from the USPS-thanks ALDHA-west) and
confined to Maine hiking this year as a recent AT overseer appointee, I've
got some observations:
alternative trail choices are an interesting topic...why don't we embrace
(allow?) AT, PCT acceptance (sans fires, etc.)
I loved the purple alternatives-explaining that option to thru hikers of the
other two trails is....????
This must drive official CDT routers up the wall
and...after the epiphany I had running into a CDT hiker in Montana, cluing
me into OOO's track (after too many lost hours); I have to say that Daniel's
track had  me in precarious spots on Wagontongue Mtn. and a couple of other
spots where I bush whacked following the line, but ended up on real trail.
But the tracks were invaluable.
This is still frontier-the AT is (NE rooty) highway, the PCT is horse path,
and the CDT is....where the hell am I?
Ron "zen quake" Dobra
Greenville, Maine

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 7:07 PM, Scott Parks <public at postholer.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the interest Dave!
>  > On almost every map several alternatives exist. Jonathan has kept
>  > track of these and offers that variety.
> Jonathan's data and the knowledge he possesses was most certainly in
> forefront of my mind when this CDT map process started. I am hopeful and
> enthusiastic as to it's outcome!
>  > I dont think hikers want a single CDT.
> As someone who has never stepped foot on the CDT, I completely agree.
> But it's also nice to have a baseline, a starting point, like an
> 'official' trace. An organization exists and has gone to great expense
> and effort to realize an 'official' CDT as mandated by Congress. I
> couldn't think of a better starting point.
>  > I have used Out of Order's gpx files on my GPS and have found them
>  > very useful with few "errors", so there is a starting point for Scott.
> Indeed, an excellent point. You'll find OOO's data incorporated with all
> the way point data I have from all the great folks who have contributed.
> That's 3,000+ way points on the CDT google map. Careful, the following
> link is hell on some browsers:
> http://postholer.com/gmap/gmap.php?trail_id=2&markertype=14
>  > Perhaps Scott can sort out the Out of Order segments into "official"
>  > and "alternative" and then plot them on his master map.
> Yes, as well as all the way points.
>  > I have also used CDTA gpx points on my GPS and find them less useful
>  > as they are sometimes too far apart to show the detailed trail,
> those are in there as well
>  > I guess it would be a matter of personal opinion of what constitutes
>  > my CDT and it is unlikely to be the same as your CDT.
> That is so true for any long trail, particularly the CDT!
>  > What is Scott's next step?
> Like I said earlier, it all revolves around an accurate, actually
> walked, trace.
> Scott
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> www.postholer.com
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