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> the AT is (NE rooty) highway, the PCT is horse path, and the CDT
is....where the hell am I?


Or, said another way by Tim Hart,


"People have asked me to compare the three trails.  A simplistic way to
compare the trails is to consider the presence of horse manure on the trail.
You won't find horse manure on the AT, and would call a trail maintenance
organization to immediately clean it up if found.  On the PCT, horse manure
is a given and frequently cursed by hikers.  It was especially bad for me in
2000 following Lady Godiva and her wonder horse Diarrhea.  On the CDT, horse
manure on the trail was sometimes welcomed, especially when following
something that didn't quite resemble a trail.  I figured, I might be on an
actual trail (or even the actual CDT!) if I saw horse manure on the alleged


The PCT reference to the wonder horse Diarrhea always brings a knowing


Dr Bob



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Well, as a recently plaqued TC (from the USPS-thanks ALDHA-west) and
confined to Maine hiking this year as a recent AT overseer appointee, I've
got some observations:

alternative trail choices are an interesting topic...why don't we embrace
(allow?) AT, PCT acceptance (sans fires, etc.)

I loved the purple alternatives-explaining that option to thru hikers of the
other two trails is....????

This must drive official CDT routers up the wall

and...after the epiphany I had running into a CDT hiker in Montana, cluing
me into OOO's track (after too many lost hours); I have to say that Daniel's
track had  me in precarious spots on Wagontongue Mtn. and a couple of other
spots where I bush whacked following the line, but ended up on real trail.
But the tracks were invaluable.

This is still frontier-the AT is (NE rooty) highway, the PCT is horse path,
and the CDT is....where the hell am I?

Ron "zen quake" Dobra

Greenville, Maine



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