[Cdt-l] Food in Ghost Ranch

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Mon Sep 5 12:10:34 CDT 2011

Hey Coyote!
The other places you mentioned have plenty of food choices.
Ghost ranch is a bit unique. You go to the administration building and buy tickets for the cafeteria.
It is all you can eat. Just be aware that they prefer you let most people finish before you head back for seconds.
Thru hikers are notorious for wolfing down their food and heading back for seconds a bit too soon.
The food is wonderful.
I recommend taking a stroll on one of the many trails behind the compound and bcak up in those canyons.
As for lodging at the ranch, they have a great campground area. the camp host has a special place for thru hikers.
They put us under the tree in the middle of the place. Kinda like.. on display!
I hope you and Mary have as wonderful a time as i did there!
Cheers- Iceaxe

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