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Jim Eagleton should be dropped from the list.? He is Rambler/toc.? 
I am not annoyed by classifying hikers as section or thru or even etc.? 
However, there are?several big problems. First, how do you define the classes, e.g. sobo flip, vs flip.? 
Second, everyones route on on the CDT is different,?so what characteristics should be used to describe it?? 
Do these groups imply a value judgement?? Is a flip better because it allows you to enjoy the high Colo evevations.? 
Is a non flip better because you don't have to use transportation?? 
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Subject: [Cdt-l]? Hiker #s on the CDT 

Sage Clegg and i compiled this listr last year. I posted it to CDT-l and people? 
made corrections and such. 
Some folks were annoyed that we classified hikes as section, thru etc. 
Anyhow it is a pretty accurate snapshot. 
Iceaxe PCT09,CDT10,AT11? 
Here is the latest list update. Sage's list has taken on a life of it's own!? 
Thanks to everyone for helping update it. Keep it coming! 
Sage's List: 
"The CDT Class of 2010 as Sage saw it. If I forgot you PLEASE let me know. I? 
wanted to write notes on everyone, but don't have time. 
I don't intend to turn you into a stat, just thought this beta might be helpful? 
to other hikers. Amazing hiking everyone!" -Sage 
Name  Direction (NoBo SoBo,Flip, Section)   Gender(M/F)  Couple=C Group=G Solo=S  
Aussie Dave? Sec M S 6 weeks each year, one more summer on the CDT? 
Goat Man????? Sec?? M?? S??? w/ 2 180lb goats! 
Irish????????????? Sec?? M?? G 
Lime Green Jelly Bean Sec? F? G 
Damp Dan???? Sec?? M??? G 
Fire Ball??????? Sec?? M???? Pair??????? Supported by Hot Chocolate, Left tr.? 
After sprained ankle in San Juans 
Two Guys I met in the GDB Sec?? M??? Pair 
Two Guys I met in the GDB Sec? M???? Pair 
Wassa???????? Sec?? M?? S?????????? Leadville to Canada 
Super Dave?? Sec?? M?? G?????????? hiked w/ Kelly & Dave for some sections 
Three peeps in the Bob Sec?? m????? G?????????? One is a Sherpa who got married? 
on Everest 
Three peeps in the Bob Sec?? m????? G?????????? Sectioning over 3? Years 
Three peeps in the Bob Sec?? m????? G 
CDT Maper?? Sec??? M??? G?????????? Two guy's & a lady out mapping the official? 
CDT with uber cool hightech GPS 
CDT Maper?? Sec??? M??? G 
CDT Maper?? Sec??? F???? G 
Alien??????????? Sec??? F???? S?????????? Hiking the Spirit Eagle route through? 
west yellowstone! 
Buckeye?????? Sec?? M???? S 
Road Tamale Sec?? M???? S? 
toc/Rambler? SOBO/FLIP?? M???? S 
Walking Carrot? Sec M??? G 
Nowhere Man??? Sec M??? G??? OMG! I realized I think I met you both near? 
Atlantic City WY -Iceaxe 
Zen Quake??? Sec?? M???? S 
JoJo Smiley???? ???? ????? ? 
Rascal??????????? ????? ???? ? 
Stumpknocker? Sec? M? C 
Mrs. Gorp???? Sec??? F??? C 
Starman?????? Sec??? M?? S 
Vocal??????????? Sec?? M??? S 
Jasmine???? NOBO?? F??? C??????????? These 2 started late & had the trail to? 
themselves, along w/ the heat & fires 
Louis???????? NOBO?? M?? C?????????? They found my camera in NM, I am forever? 
Popsicle??? FlipFlop?? F? S 
30-30??????? FlipFlop?? M? S/P 
Sweep????? NOBO???? F??? Pair 
Max????????? NOBO???? F??? Pair 
Handlebar????? NOBO?? M??? S 
Peter Ahab Mattox NOBO???? M???? S?????????? Finished his 3C @ the end of the? 
San Juans, but wanted a thru in a season- congrats on a milestone year! 
Wrong Way?????? NOBO???? M????? S?????????? back again- W.W. went SB in '09 &? 
came back this summer!! 
Sarong????????????? NOBO???? M????? G 
Chief Hua Hua?????? NOBO?? M???? G 
Jack & the Beanstalk NOBO??? M??? G 
Hungry Joe??? NOBO??? M??? S 
Dave???????????? NOBO??? M??? C 
Kelly???????????? NOBO??? F???? C 
Sage Clegg?? NOBO??? F????? S 
 Disco Dan??? NOBO??? M??? Pair?????? D.D. & Malakai supported by Malakai's wife? 
this summer, next summer M. will 
Malakai??????? NOBO??? M???? Pair????????? drive support for her- coming back to? 
the CDT?? 
Hydro Heidi?? FlipFlop???? F??? S?????????? I hear she's a bad ass skiier &? 
lives in Mammoth 
Brit?????????????? FlipFlop???? M?? S???????? Congrats on the 3C! Hope Tea? 
houses in Napal are treating this wanderer well! 
Ice Axe??????????? NOBO??? M?? S????????? Mr. CDT-l, our main source for trail? 
beta & water info in 2010- thax a billion!! 
Thirsty Boots???? NOBO?? M?? S????????? Hope your kidney's have healed up! 
Cupcake/ Rudy? NOBO?? M?? S????????? First from France 
Israeli???????????? NOBO??? M???? G 
Israeli???????????? NOBO??? M???? G 
Israeli???????????? NOBO??? M???? G 
Cruisin??????????? NOBO??? M???? S??????? I heard there were 2 German dudes of? 
which crusin was one 
Psycho Heiko? NOBO??? M???? S 
Sunflower??????? NOBO??? F????? C 
Voyageur??????? NOBO??? M???? S 
Little g??????????? NOBO?? M????? C 
Flippy?????????????????? ?????? ??????? ? 
Wilderness Bob???? ????? M?????? ? 
Boone????????????? SOBO?? M? Pair????? Speed deamons- when did you guys finish? 
anyway! & that sign in YNP was still 
Moosa????????????? SOBO??? M? Pair???? swaying when I showed up- HA! These two? 
probably have the '10 speed record 
Rigatoni??????????? FlipFlop? M? C??????? The Noodleheads of Crested Butte! 
Angel Hair???????? FlipFlop?? F?? C 
Neon Yellow guy?? SOBO???? M? ?S 
This could have been Lakeland or Dogwood or anyone. I saw them at the first camp? 
in Yellowstone 
Jim Eagleton???????? Sobo??????? M??? S?????????????? 
Wing it???????????????? SOBO?????? G??? C 
Don't Panic????????? SOBO?????? M??? C 
Cool Chick with DIY SOBO??? F??? C 
DIY?????????????????????? Sec???????? M??? C 
Pace??????????????????? FlipFlop??? F??? G????????? Traveling w/ WF & Coach 
White Fish?????????? FlipFlop??? M??? G 
Coach????????????????? FlipFlop?? M??? G 
Mike??????????????????? SOBO???? M??? G 
Roaring Thunder?? SOBO???? M???? G 
Joker?????????????????? SOBO??? M????? G 
Rock Steady/ Yaz SOBO??? M?? G???????? First from Japan 
Hawkeye????? SOBO? M?? G 
Kombucha??? SOBO? F?? G 
Found????????? SOBO? M?? G 
Lost???????????? SOBO? M?? G 
Heaps????????? SOBO? M?? G 
D (Dan)??????? SOBO?? F?? C 
&A (Anna)??? SOBO? M?? C 
Dogwood????? SOBO? M?? S 
Lakeland????? SOBO? M??? S 
Becky???????? SOBO?? F???? C 
Dave?????????? SOBO?? M??? C 
Carbo???????? SOBO? M????? C 
Jelly Bean?? SOBO?? F???? C 
Masa????????? SOBO?? M??? S???? The other First from Japan!! 
PI????????????? SOBO?? M???? S?????? Hiked the Hayduke before starting in on the? 
CDT this summer 
Stretch?? SOBO?? M????? S?????? Another Solo hiker chic from Santa Cruz!! 
Snorkel? SOBO?? F???? C 
Frog????? SOBO?? M?? C 
Seth??? SOBO?? M??? S 
Jeff???? MT-UT?? M??? C???????? Jeff & the really cool Hawaiian lady were on? 
their way to Utah on a route they created, piecing together 
Hawaiian Chic? MT-UT?? F??? C????????? the CDT, the Wyoming Trail, and the? 
Hayduke. I would love to know how it turned? 
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I think your nobo counts are a bit high for this year; the sobo count is? 
pretty close.? In addition to Tomato, Evan, Joe, and Ed who have reached? 
Canada, the only other hikers I know of ahead of me were SpeedStick and? 
Voyageur.? I knew of a couple from Germany behind me as well as Paranoia? 
and one other who doubled back to go through the Gila after the fire? 
(and to avoid some of the snow) behind me. 
I left the trail in Helena and am now a "Chunk Hiker" having done 1200+? 
"Ley" miles in 2010 and 1025 miles this year.? I think a Ley Mile is? 
about 1.1 actual miles, based on the I have about 575 miles planned for? 
2012.? Voyageur is also a "Chunk Hiker" and will be completing the CDT? 
this year. 
As to sobo's, over two days I encountered 15 on August 8 and 2 on August? 
9 south of Lima, MT and there were a few, Gadget among them, who snuck? 
by me on the Macks Inn route while I was taking the Henry's? 
Lake/Centennial Mountains route (which I highly recommend).? I camped? 
one night with sobo hiker Poppins, but he was planning to leave the? 
trail in Yellowstone.? I did meet a few sectioners out on the trail, a? 
couple from Helena and another couple from Miles City. 
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