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I generally think more information is better.? I particullarly like the?classification?"Chunk Hiker"? to describe a section hiker who has hiked half the trail.? 
I hiked way over half the trail in 2010 and feel more connected to the thrus of 2010 than section hikers of 2010 to ca. 2012.? So 2010 Chunky sounds right.? 
There are also many hikers who skip a section for many reasons.? Many consider there hike essentially a thru hike but go back in a later year to finish up.? 
If we are supporting the CDT, I think?hikers should be encouraged to enjoy a potentially good section of the trail and hikers should not be pressurred to do road walks that seem to have little to do with what they enjoy.? 
Perhaps going back should be called an Encore and a hiker planning an Encore would be Encore Expected.? 
Rambler/toc?CDT 2010?sobo/flip/chunk/EE

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Jim Eagleton should be dropped from the list. He is Rambler/toc.? 
I am not annoyed by classifying hikers as section or thru or even etc.?? 
However, there are?several big problems. First, how do you define the classes,? 
e.g. sobo flip, vs flip.?? 
Second, everyones route on on the CDT is different,?so what characteristics? 
should be used to describe it??? 
Do these groups imply a value judgement?? Is a flip better because it allows you? 
to enjoy the high Colo evevations.?? 
Is a non flip better because you don't have to use transportation??? 

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