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Sun Sep 18 12:09:27 CDT 2011

The CDTA Mapping crew finished the trail last Thursday by completing
segments 1-5 near Encampment, WY which we skipped in June due to deep snow.
We have now done all of the "official" trail nationwide and the post
processing of this year's data will begin next week.  We hope to have
Mapbooks published for WY and MT/ID in time for the 2012 season. 

The Winds were essentially mosquito-free when we passed through.  We had
freezing temperatures at night so they may be done for the year.

We hiked the notorious piece of Wyoming Segment 24 from Bullmoose Creek to
Sheridan Pass and found the place where the markings disappear.  We
navigated to Leeds Creek and followed it upstream then continued via a
marked snowmobile trail up onto the divide and that's a good route.  Whether
it becomes the "official" one is debatable, but we will post waypoints to
help navigate through there before next summer. We had discussions with the
Forest Service in Pinedale and again in the Denver office and they are all
on board to fix this soon. 

The river crossing of the South Buffalo is finally ok. 

Best wishes to all of you still out on the trail.  Weather in Colorado is
supposed to be really nice for at least the upcoming week.  Perfect time for
the San Juans.....


best wishes,

Jerry Brown (bearcreek)

mailto:bcss at bresnan.net

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