[Cdt-l] Info requests

Andy Johnson andyj92 at aol.com
Sun Sep 18 15:56:49 CDT 2011

Are there any regular organization publications, magazines, books etc available for the CDT-?

also is there a CDT equivalent to White Blaze online for info updates and contacts-?

Just observing after the AT met Irene this year how the trail was closed and trespassers were hauled in, given tickets and with no way out of town and no money. They were even stopping people picking up re-supply boxes at the USPS POs... news earlier might have allowed  changes in plan and direction...

Information is very valuable. Trying to learn anything and everything before makes planning and timing a lot easier..and it makes survival safer for everyone... Ignorance costs time, money and lives... I'm working hard to avoid wasting anybody's or my own.

I'd appreciate any/all info that is available. 
If this another one of too many people keep asking, maybe there is a website or bulletin board where info can be found-?

Thank you for your assistance,
Andy J
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