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Congratulations Ben that must have been a magnificent long hike. I have had a look through your photos which are particularly great with a varied mix of landscape and many wildlife shots. Phew what a journey! Hope to return to the US for the Hayduke someday soon and your shots make we want to get out there now!
Well done
Black Isle, Scotland

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On September 8th, I reached the northern terminus of the Great Divide Trail at Kakwa Lake and finished hiking the AZT to GDT Route. There's more info on the route itself at http://benmayberry.net/azt-to-gdt and more info on my trip at http://benmayberry.net. 

I haven't calculated the total mileage yet but I think it will be less than the 4,300 miles that I estimated before I started. The route may be a bit longer than some hikers will want to travel in one season but it's an incredible route (passes through 14 national parks, nearly a thousand miles of the Colorado Plateau AND the entire length of the southern Canadian Rockies) that deserves to be repeated and is more approachable than it might appear.

For anyone interested in a shorter version, my first recommendation would be hiking an Arizona Trail-Hayduke Trail-Continental Divide Trail combo. My second recommendation would be hiking the CDT followed by the Great Divide Trail.

Best of luck to the SOBO's still out there, I've got my fingers crossed the snow holds off until you're out of Colorado.

Ben Mayberry

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