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we left deming on a friday morning intending to stay in reserve for the night but alas plans do change - we ended up going to alpine AZ to see the burn area from the wallow fire - I worked for the usfs there in '04 - we spent the night and then drove down to reserve the next morning - in chipper's journals I remember her saying she had to get a pizza from a local bar for food - on the north side of town there is a large mexican restaurant - we drove on to pie town and just happened to get there for the pie town pie festival - we ate pie at the wrong place (we ate at the pie town cafe and not the good place the pie-o-neer) the cafe will give hikers a 10% discount but the pie-o-neer is better - went over and took a picture of the "toaster house" and then went off to find nita finally finding her at the horned toad races - she was busy so we only had a few minutes to chat - had my picture taken with her - we were going to drive the dirt road north out of town but since it had been raining the locals told me not to take it due to it being too dangerous - when there see if you can find a local to drive you the mile east of town to the first dirt road going north - about 1/4 mile in there is a VLA - very large array - looks like something out of star wars - we had to backtrack to quemado and take the pavement to grant's - I highly suggest you do the zuni acoma trail - the angels in grants cache water there - road hiking on I believe 117 is not good - we had dinner out with the angels there carole and hugo mumm - 505 285 7118 - the next day at their suggestion we drove the trail through zuni and bonito canyons - I highly suggest you do that route - it's gorgeous - we left grant's heading to cuba but got side tracked going to chaco canyon - we got into cuba from the west - I had decided to try other places rather than where the hikers stayed - we stayed at the frontier motel and not with ms chang at the del prado (big mistake) then we ate at prescliano's cafe not at bruno's (another big mistake) - we headed to chama on the scenic route not the route hikers take only to have to sit in traffic at some road construction for 30 minutes - we got into chama around lunch time so we went to foster's hotel - they have rooms at $55 a night with no limit as to how many people you can put in the room - a restaurant and a bar all in one place - rebecca nuno (the owners daughter) will pick you up at the trail head and take you back (if she's not working) 505 423 3827 - rebecca mentioned that there is another place in town but dumbly I didn't check it out - I think it was the "Y" something - on the south side of town is the chama trails inn at $65 a night and you can't have any extra people in the room - starla said, "my rooms are too nice to have extra people in them" and I couldn't get her to come down to $55 a night - we headed south out of town towards taos where a baby deer ran out in front of my truck - it put a damper on the whole day - I felt so bad - guys my truck wasn't damaged

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Deming, NM
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