[Cdt-l] NOBO 2012 Start Dates & A Map Question

Brian Lewis brianle8 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 11:59:19 CDT 2012

"... wondering if certain BLM maps are necessary, and what sections the
> gazetteers came in hand for past hikers".

I can't comment on the snow conditions for a NOBO, as I haven't looked for
this year, and I went SOBO.  In terms of maps, my take was that if a BLM
map is useful, it will be in New Mexico; I wouldn't bother elsewhere.  I
didn't have BLM in NM either, but might have looked a time or two if I had.
   The DeLorme gazetteer thing is a tricky thing to answer, because I think
that the particular place it comes in handy will vary by the particular
dynamics that impact you personally --- weather/snow, but various other
stuff.  I very rarely had to look at this too, but when I did want it, I
really wanted it --- i.e., the big picture view to put into context some
alternate options.

I think a person can get by without either.   But there's a small amount of
dice rolling in making such a decision.   I opted to carry pretty much
every bit of map/guidebook paper I could get my hands on.  Of those things
I certainly used Ley the most, Wolf a bit less, Yogi definitely but also a
bit less frequently. But if hiking it again I'd still carry the DeLorme
pages as well.
Probably not the BLM maps for anywhere.

           Brian / Gadget
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