[Cdt-l] NOBO 2012 Start Dates & A Map Question

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Two issues with starting either early or late in New Mexico.  If you start too early, you get to the Colorado border too soon and end up having to either hike through heavy snow, roadwalk around the snow, or flip north - which may or may not help. You may also have to deal with snowmelt in the Gila and snow on Mt. Taylor and in the Carson NF. If you start too late, you have a lot more heat and a lot less water.  In dry years, the cows may be moved off the range, so the wells will be turned off, plus there may be fire bans and in many years the forests may be closed.  In 2006 it was a very dry year so the trail around Grants was closed to hikers, not because of actual fires but to prevent fires.  Generally the forest closures start mid-May.  This year is kind of odd because the snow water equivalent is low, but the actual precipitation isn't that far off average.  So fires may not be too much of a problem in NM this spring.  For those starting early, it might help to remember that while Wolf Creek Summit is at 69% of normal SWE, their normal snowfall is 400 inches, so even 70% is a fair amount of snow.  Wildflowers should be good. Ginny

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> It looks like all of the NOBOs I've heard of are starting plenty early from what I thought (mid May) was the average send off. What are people's thoughts on starting May 9th? Snow in Colorado not an issue this year? Too warm or too little water in NM? Fill me in, please!
> My other question is about maps and what is fully necessary. I'm a confident orienteer and wondering if certain BLM maps are necessary, and what sections the gazetteers came in hand for past hikers. I have the Ley set ready and want to know what else I need to get sorted out ahead of time, or should I wait till the trail to figure things out...?
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