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Hey Speedstick,

It is similar to the Mont Bell UL Down Jacket, though the women's is 6.5oz vs. 5.3oz. You should pro deal two of them, one for you, one for Ladyface!

Looks like a great excuse to try out some gear and another CDT thru..

Cheers,  Rabbit


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Yes, I've had the men's model for a year and love it; easy to pack and
provides great warmth for the weight. Highly recommend it. Got one for my
wife, she loves it too. She then got one for her sister.


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Anyone have experience with this? Looks, feels, and weighs impossibly great.
Nylon ripstop. Deluge DWR and it is essentially windproof, although not
advertised. And I have a prodeal making it even more incredible.....


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