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With hikers beginning NOBO in the near future, I would like to remind those
using the Mapbooks and waypoint files that corrections and changes are
listed on the bearcreek web site.  There are some items there already and I
expect that more will be added as the season progresses. I just added a
waypoint correction for Segment 11 in Wyoming.  If you are hiking Wyoming
this summer be sure to check that out and make a note.   This is also where
new maps will be posted reflecting trail re-alignments so you can keep your
Mapbooks up to date.  Here is a direct link to the page:
http://www.bearcreeksurvey.com/map_updates.htm .  I would encourage hikers
to take a look over there once in a while during the course of your hike in
case of updates that might make your experience better.


A little more news – I was in Pietown a couple of days ago and all is well
there.  The Good Pie Café, which was under new management last year, is now
being run by the original owners again.  (I highly recommend the NM Apple
but they had numerous other flavors as well)  


The beginning of Segment 19 is still a bit obscure.  I stopped and
re-erected the marker right where you turn off of the highway but the cows
will probably take it down again.  Just remember that the trail does not
follow the road – you have to head almost due north from the Chain of
Craters sign.  (Good place to carry your GPS) This is a nice desert hike
with some interesting Malpais lava fields thrown in.  The ponds and tanks
were all looking good in there.    


Have a great hike.   


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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Subject: Continental Divide Trail work - important update - CORRECTION


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 CDTA.VOC Masthead


Sorry, this is a corrected version. In editing the copy, we mistyped CDTA's
full name.  Oops.


Work Continuing on the Continental Divide Trail


Dear ,


As you know, the Continental Divide Trail Alliance (CDTA) made a very
difficult decision to close its doors in December 2011.  Since that time,
many conversations have taken place between CDTA board members and staff,
and stewardship organizations such as Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC),
to ensure that volunteer work projects continue on the Continental Divide
National Scenic Trail.  As a long-time partner of the CDTA, the US Forest
Service, and the BLM, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) has been asked
to assist in continuing the excellent work done so far and is taking on much
of the trail work in Colorado. We hope you will join us in this endeavor.


Opportunities to Volunteer & Stay Involved    

VOC will be organizing 11 volunteer projects planned for Colorado portions
of the trail in 2012. Most will be in the Leadville area, with one on Wolf
Creek Pass in southwestern Colorado, and one near Georgetown along the I-70
corridor at Herman Gulch.  We invite you to join VOC in these efforts as a
volunteer and/or as a supporter. Please visit www.voc.org
UMhIM1ns-6HWwXE26A7HP_jl-vDjaPcGOUtxhPrA-3At9mA4fFZDi19lMVqDfng=>  to learn
more about these and other opportunities. 


Additionally, the Colorado Trail Foundation will continue their great work
on sections of the trail that overlap with the Colorado Trail. Please visit
>  for more information.


We have not yet been advised of organizations in ID, MT, WY or NM that are
conducting Continental Divide trail projects this year, but work is ongoing
by CDTA volunteers, Youth Corps and the agencies managing those areas.  For
more information, contact the USFS Ranger District or BLM Field Office
closest to where you would like to volunteer.


There will be ongoing conversations in future months about continuing the
long term care of this national treasure and VOC expects to participate in
those conversations.


We respect your privacy

You are receiving this message because you have been associated with the
CDTA in the past. VOC was asked to take the lead role in letting CDTA
members, volunteers, and supporters know about volunteer projects this year.
We respect your privacy, and want to offer you the opportunity to stay
connected to future work on the trail if you so choose.  Please know that
VOC does not share our mailing list with others - it is used strictly for
communicating about opportunities to get involved and outdoor stewardship
news. If you do not wish to receive future communications from VOC, please
click the unsubscribe link below.


About Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC)

If you're not familiar with VOC, we've been around since 1984 helping people
get involved in outdoor stewardship projects of all kinds throughout
Colorado.  We work on trails, conduct ecological restoration work, and
restore historic structures on federal, state, and local public lands. We
operate in many ways similar to the CDTA, and have collaborated with the
CDTA on trail projects and training programs over the years.


Join Us in Continuing the Good Work

We sincerely hope you choose to continue your involvement with the trail
through the work VOC will be doing. Feel free to contact us directly at
303-715-1010 or Sue Anderson, sue at voc.org with any questions or comments. 

We look forward to meeting you out on the trail! 


Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is a statewide nonprofit volunteer
organization whose mission is to motivate and enable citizens to be active
stewards of Colorado's natural resources. Learn more at www.voc.org
zOK3GWdGj2Dgj140OB-eZjSAkkBvogf8d8dnWH2x_1gg_Gtd5M_Zpzq3UYpT9Fg=> . 



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