[Cdt-l] Water treatment

Brian Lewis brianle8 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 14:48:26 CDT 2012

Going SOBO last year, I picked up a filter in Colorado as I was somewhat
concerned about water quality in New Mexico given just generally less water
availability.  I had done something similar in "the desert" on the PCT and
unfortunately hadn't learned my lesson, as in both cases I found that more
limited water sources didn't necessarily mean that water quality was all
that bad.  In fact I think the worst water source I dealt with was in the
"great basin" part in Wyoming.

I'd just go with Aqua Mira throughout, do the "filter through a bandana"
thing if you feel that you need to.  I didn't even do that, as even when
the surface was pretty nasty, it seemed like I could always fill from below
the surface and things were fine.

        Brian / Gadget
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