[Cdt-l] Cell phone on the CDT?

Pete E. Michelinie michelinie at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 08:25:05 CDT 2012

I want my upcoming hike to be cell phone free (see complete freedom). There were a few times on the PCT where being able to call someone, a trail angel or motel that offers rides, was nice and fortunately I was hiking with a phone carrying friend. Are there any places on the CDT where I should plan differently if I don't carry a phone, say a dirt road with no traffic and a long hitch? I don't want to depend on a resupply I can only get to by calling for a ride.

By the way, my plane and bus tickets are booked. I'll be hitting the dusty trail May 10th!  NOBO from Columbus. Thanks to everyone who has helped with prior questions of mine.


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