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If you just intend to turn your gps on to use in  perplexing situations,
then you can probably do fine without any base maps at all.  You will still
be able to navigate to waypoints and stay on route.  I have not found having
tiny maps on a tiny screen (be it a phone or gps) to be particularly useful.
A paper map is much better, and you will definitely be carrying those.   



best wishes,


Jerry Brown  (bearcreek)

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I'm new to gps's but have been thinking of getting one for next years CDT
thru hike.  I've been looking at the Garmin etrex 20 and think it would more
than meet all my needs.


I understand how to use the Ley maps and a GPS together and also that there
are some gps tracks available from bearcreek.  But I may take different
routes then these tracks, hey I'm open about exactly which way I go. 


My question is for a device like the Garman etrex 20 - if I want the maps
for the whole area of the CDT what are my options.  I saw where Garmin had
topo maps (24K) for sale that you could buy for mountain south, central, and
north but I would be looking at $300 for all of these plus the $200 for the
device.  I can hike a lot of miles for $500.  Is this the typical option or
am I missing something.   I could get by with just the data points and I
will be carrying paper copies of the Ley maps but it would be nice to have
the maps on the GPS device too,  I'm just not sure if it would be $300 nice.
Any GPS folks want to let me know if there are other options for the maps or
is this just the way it is.



Day-Late (still a compass guy)


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