[Cdt-l] OT: Hiker meltdown at airport

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Ginny and I hiked and camped with John for much of Colorado in 2006.  If you think this was a meltdown rather than a well-considered action, then you just don't know enough about John to comment. Given what the TSA has become I'm surprised more of this kind of thing hasn't happened.  And I hope it does.  The harassment needs to be reined in.  I got harassed every time I would fly.  I don't fly anymore.  PITA Jim

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> Mags, stripping naked in a public place, particularly in front children, 
> is a 'melt down' in my book.
> I find it disturbing that you don't understand that.
> During his '02 PCT hike this same guy (John Brennan), aka, 'Cupcake' 
> wore a message on his shirt that said 'PCT FAG' while hiking among a 
> group of boy scouts on Baden-Powell.
> Another of his poorly executed 'protests'.
> Please, go ahead and continue to defend his behavior.
> -postholer
>  >>>>
> Didn't seem too much of a meltdown FWIW:
> http://bit.ly/J2fM7W
> It is more of a protest  Whether you agree or not with the protest is 
> another story.
> To call it a meltdown? A (large) bit of hyperbole.
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