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I received some more data from the FS today and have put one more map up on
the website.  There is an additional four miles of new trail south of the
two maps posted previously.  I have added another map that you can download
from the website.  It is Map 66A. Look for a left turn off of the main road
at waypoint 19_030. It appears from the map that the trail begins by
following a dirt road to the left.  The trailhead is named Kondra so there
may be a sign pointing you in the right direction. 


A total of almost 60 miles of new trail is expected to be constructed and
opened in the Butte area this season.  It's hard to know if any of it will
be available to this year's hikers but it might be worthwhile to stop in
Butte for a zero day and visit the FS office there.  


The eventual route will follow the divide north of Homestake Pass and pass
above Butte at the statue of "Our Lady". Right now about 10 miles of this is
built then it just stops.  It is signed as CDT leaving Homestake but will
turn into a bushwhack if you follow it. They will be working on it this year
but it is unlikely that it will be ready until 2013 at the earliest.
Probably best to walk the current route on the road towards Delmoe Lake
until this all gets worked out. 


We will be waiting until late September then plan to hike all the newly
finished trail to update the maps next winter.  



best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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On Apr 18, 2012 10:35 AM, <bcss at bresnan.net> wrote:

New trail was completed in Montana in November 2011 that moves the route off
of 14 miles of road south of Champion Pass (Segment 19).  This affects Maps
67 and 68. I just obtained a file from USFS that depicts the approximate
route and intend to go collect the GPS data this summer.  In the meanwhile,
we have created two maps showing the approximate location.  Since this is
new trail it should be fairly easy to find and follow.  


Go to http://www.bearcreeksurvey.com/map_updates.htm to download the maps.



best wishes,



Jerry Brown

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