[Cdt-l] gps with maps question

Greg Hammond hikergreg at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 21:39:30 CDT 2012

I am hiking the CDT right now (night in Lordsburg) and the eTrex 20 with 100k Garmin basemap (loaded off the DVD) has been working very well (in conjunction with Ley and Bear Creek maps).  A basemap with the BCS POIs helps keep yourself oriented and when comparing to the map.  I have been able to keep it off most of the day, and only turn it on to confirm things at an intersection or if I get slightly off track in the cross-country sections.  I am also new to gps, but was able to get things loaded with no trouble based on Starman's site.  The ease of loading Garmin's basemap was worth the expense over having to fiddle with something downloaded.

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