[Cdt-l] Crazy Cook to Lordsburg water report

Greg Hammond hikergreg at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 21:49:59 CDT 2012

I started at Crazy Cook on April 15 and just arrived in Lordsburg. Here are a few notes other NOBOs may find useful:

Ley map notes:

41a, note 6: The tank was mostly full, but rather green.  The outlet hose from the pump had fresh water, but the pump did not run while we were there.  We were able to get a few quarts out of the hose, as it had a low point in the middle.

39g, note 2:  Tank full, faucet inside fence, tire also full.

40a, note 1: The water is accessible and still electrified (I suspect a bad ground in the pump's wiring).  The pump's timer only goes off a few times a day.  There is a way to turn it on manually by opening the control box on the left side of the post--there is a small lever on the lower left side of the timer dial inside that turns the pump on and off.  The panel can be opened by removing a slotted screw.  (If you object to opening the box, then don't use this source, but I included instructions so that those inclined to fiddle don't need to hunt around and risk changing something.)  The water in the earthen pond is gross.

39e: There is an unmapped full water tank (presumably private) that was full with a spigot inside  the fence in the NE corner of section 23. 

39d: Note 7 east, 3, and 4 were all good.  Note 7 west was surrounded by cows, and is presumably wet.

Saucedo Grocery is open 8:30a-7:30p, not 9a-8p as noted in Yogi.

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