[Cdt-l] Salute My Shorts? And one last map question...

Pete E. Michelinie michelinie at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:59:03 CDT 2012

I'm getting all the ducks in a line here for a May 10th start on a NOBO CDT
hike and I have one last point to file.  On the PCT I loved hiking in pants
and rarely wore the shorts I carried, usually to do laundry and swim.  This
time around I'm carrying a z-packs rain kilt and if used in junction with a
carefully placed bandanna this is "appropriate" attire for doing laundry,
however it would not fly for a soak in a hot spring or a swim around a lake.

I'm curious what others think about this swimming dilemma.  Do I carry
short shorts for swimming purposes only? Do I just wear my birthday suit?
Swim and soak in rolled up nylon pants? I have space in the pack for them,
but have been trying to cut down as much as possible on extra things.

ALSO, what do people think about carrying JL's overview maps?  Helpful?
Useless? Ugly second cousin to the Gazetteer maps?

Thanks much,

Pete E. Michelinie, Furniture Maker.
   | http://www.michelinie.com |
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