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And when I wandered thru in 2008, the hours were "odd", but just lurked outside and someone showed up to see what I was up to and let me in to get package.  When I decided to stay at some "relatives" motel across from store, they got much friendlier.  Monument can't be missed.  Also ranger station in area that helped with the trail ahead.  At that point sort of tired of slogging across the river and the rangers helped me do some alternatives that still included more river, but not as much as all the Ley etc routes.  CicelyB

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Hmm... odd. I tried this number several times the other day and got a disconnected message, but today it went through. So, I confirmed that they still hold packages for a fee of $2 a box. I also checked with Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and I was told that they are not allowed to hold packages for hikers.
The address I got was:
C/O Doc Campbell's Post
HC68 Box 80
Silver City, NM 88061
include ETA for planned date of arrival. Send by Priority mail, first class, no UPS or FedEx.

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Does anyone know if Doc Campbell's Trading Post in Gila Hot Springs is still open, and if they still hold resupply packages for CDT hikers? Do they charge a fee? The phone number I found for them has been disconnected -- (505) 536-9551.

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