[Cdt-l] Lordsburg to Silver City water report

Greg Hammond hikergreg at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 17:09:17 CDT 2012

Just arrived in Silver City from Lordsburg.

Ley 39a Note 1: Co-op Windmill excellent.  Great water, good camping in an oak grove, and good cell/3G reception.

38b Note 1: Goat Camp Windmill.  The Ley map says this source is no good.  I found otherwise.  There are two ways to access the source:
(1) Jump on top of the 8' galvanized steel tank.  This requires doing a chin up on the edge of the metal, holding yourself with one hand at the top, throwing your other hand up to the upper edge of the hatch on top, throwing a knee over the edge, and pulling yourself up.  The metal on top is quite hot in the sun.  There is nothing nearby to aid your ascent.  This is only for the very nimble or those with a partner able to give them a boost, but you will be rewarded by an unlocked hatch on top and a full tank.
(2) For the less nimble: the cement cow tank (~7' diameter, open top trough) contained aquatic plants, but was rather clear (although this may change later in the season).  There is a float that controls the inlet valve.  Pushing down on the float releases fresher water from the inlet pipe, so some manner of bottle dunking and uncovering by the inlet (~6" below water level) may get you better water.
[Either way, I would consider this a completely viable source, although I would definitely treat water from the cement tank.]

38a Note 1, Mud Spring: The spring feeds into a piece of steel culvert planted vertically in the ground.  The water was fairly clear, but stagnant.  It tasted rather stale.  I was fine filtering a quart from it, but would not want to get much more.  The lower trough was less than half full and quite funky.

The stream at BCS mile 7.7 after Mud Spring was clear and usable.  Best water 500' up from trail crossing.  Lots of hoof prints in the area, so I would certainly treat it.
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