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yes, sam is a great supporter of the CDT and yes he is getting old - I was wondering how much longer he and his vehicle would last - I may have someone to replace him if he wants to retire but think that sending donations to help him out would be a great parting gesture - I saw what happened on the PCT and it would be great to have the same happen here - sam has been using the $$ he got from his taxi service to CC to help supplement his meager income - I have driven into CC 3 times and know how bad the road is plus he caches water 
so, come on CDT hikers lets' help sam

Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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Here’s a pitch for an angel.  Sam Hughes’ truck broke down two weeks ago taking Why Not, Elinor and I to the Crazy Cook start of the CDT.  He’s gone to quite an expense to get hauled out of the bush and replace a fuel pump mounted in the gas tank.  He’s a bit down about continuing his taxi service/trail angeling for next year, and at 81, that may be the best thing for him, at least his daughter would be much happier if he quit.

Given all the years of keeping up with 3 water caches and nearly 30 miles of rough road each way to get us to the monument, I’m making a pitch to help him out.  He’s not well off, and could use any spare change you’ve got, $5, $10, $20 or more would be great.  PCT hikers have been highly successful at helping out angels when they needed it, so let’s see what the CDT can do.

If you’ve hiked the CDT, or ever thought of hiking it, or just follow blogs, consider sending Sam a bit of cash or a check and make a note that it’s to help with his truck.  Send to:  Sam Hughes, Hachita NM, 88040.

On another note, we rebuilt 16 fallen cairns in the Big Hatchets.  Man that’s gorgeous country.

Shroomer, Why Not and Elinor

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