[Cdt-l] CDT survey.

David Loome david.loome at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 14:07:23 CDT 2012

Hey folks, I would love it if you helped me out with a school project I am
doing on the CDT.

The project is a multimedia presentation of the experiences and themes of
hikers on the CDT, with some emphasis on the "people" or social/community
aspect of the trail. I've already been able to interview some of the
wonderful CDT trail angels, and would love if any of you are able to

Anything you submit will be viewed by about 20 people, and your name and
other info will be anonymous. Nothing will be used for any commercial
purpose, or any purpose other than this presentation. So if you would like
to contribute, please do any or all of the following, and submit to *
david.loome at gmail.com.*

1)Submit ONE picture of a CDT landscape, w/o people.

2)Submit ONE picture of the CDT with people: Hikers, trail angels, towns,
whatever you want.

3)List some WORDS (not sentences) which describe landscapes on the CDT.

4)List some WORDS which describe people you met on the CDT.

You don't have to be a hiker to participate! Anyone who has had any contact
or experience with the CDT is welcome to contribute. Thank you!

<http://www.davidloome.com>Life is hard? True. But let's love it anyhow,
though it breaks every bone in
our bodies. -Edward Abbey
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