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Eric White ericshawwhite at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 20:41:05 CDT 2012

Dear Shannon and CDT hikers:
In 2009 while hiking northbound, the ‘trail’ from Goldstone
Pass down to Cow Bone Lake disappeared, I never got to the Lake, but used Ley’s
X-C route to re-find the CDT. This past week I encountered two sets of
southbound hikers who had a similar experiences this past week, i.e. there
really isn’t a trail connecting the Goldstone ridge with the Lake; nothing has changed.            
            What, if
anything, should be done about this section:
1)   Leave it ‘as is’ - each hiker to fend for
2)   Reconstruct the switchbacks down the talus slope
and complete the obliterated CDT to the Lake?
3)   Use and develop Ley’s purple alternate route
(map MT53)?
I am presently with AmeriCorps out of Butte. They would be interested
in doing the trail reconstruction if they had input from ‘the powers that be’,
i.e. the Forest Service and Shannon at CDT Montana. Input from CDT hikers is
just as important. Let us know what you think.  Mini Mart
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