[Cdt-l] Cowbone Lake in Montana

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Wed Aug 8 13:48:53 CDT 2012

Mini Mart wrote:

"In 2009 while hiking northbound, the trail from Goldstone Pass down to 
Cow Bone Lake disappeared, I never got to the Lake, but used Ley's X-C 
route to re-find the CDT. This past week I encountered two sets of 
southbound hikers who had a similar experiences this past week, i.e. 
there really isn?t a trail connecting the Goldstone ridge with the Lake; 
nothing has changed."

The Forest Service last year approved a reroute from Darkhorse Creek to 
Goldstone Pass. New construction will move the CDNST to the Divide on 
this section, bypassing Cowbone Lake (though hikers might still opt to 
camp at the lake and use the guidebook description to continue on). The 
new route will be nonmotorized.

--- On another subject, you may have noticed that our website remains 
paralyzed as a result of a computer crash several weeks ago. We're 
working on a replacement, but were sidetracked while putting together a 
protest of BLM's windmill proposal south of Rawlins.

      We hope to get a replacement website online shortly. In the 
meantime, we would welcome a few good photos that we could use on the 
site (as our My Pictures file was not backed up and we have few 
pictorial resources). Please let us know if you might like to lend a 
hand.  Thanks!

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