[Cdt-l] The CDT Gains New Protectors

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 12:20:43 CDT 2012

"The Trail is 80% complete [in New Mexico], but hikers must slog long distance between cow troughs - some of the only water sources around."

Is this considered to be promotional material or a call to arms? (OK, I get it - both, but let's not encourage prospective hikers to wait until the trail's "finished" either.) 

'course, a "slog" is in the eye of the beslogger. And a cow trough is what it am. Which is to say, good enough, and statistically more reliable than a cache box full of empties in the middle of nowhere.

Minor gripes here. Congrats and good luck to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.

- blisterfree

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?Nice article about the Continental Divide Trail Coalition:


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