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Sat Aug 11 09:03:02 CDT 2012

When I did the Great Divide Basin last August, Sbound from S Pass  City, 
there seemed to be enough water at the relatively recently improved BLM  
springs -- fenced from cows, covers over large, vertical pipes, and very clear  
water. I don't remember carrying more than a gallon at any one time. I got  
lucky with the temperatures, with the only "hot" day being when I walked into 
 Rawlins. From Rawlins to Riverside/Encampment was no problem either; the 
Lazy  Acres CG people were very nice last year, and this year gave me a ride 
to Battle  Pass/Site.
Bob  "Trekker" Brewer 
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Sorry if this is a duplicate. I can't seem to post???


What great timing….Thanks for the heads up on the water report.  I  have 
marked my maps.  

Does any one else have  any more water or trail info north of Rawlins ,  etc

I am Hitting the Basin heading  NOBO _on Aug  14th._ 

If anyone is in the area doing more  "Angelling"  Please send me an email 
off-line.  I could always use a  drink of water!

Frank "StarMan"  Gilliland

frankgilliland  <at>  gmail  <dot>  com

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