[Cdt-l] E Glacier Park & into Canada

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Sat Aug 11 15:01:44 CDT 2012

East Glacier Park:
Backpacker's Inn is now $15 per night.
Two Medicine Grill has as food as good as anyone else's, and is lower  
priced. It's about 200 feet from the Backpacker's Inn gate.
Getting to Waterton Town Site:
I've been told I can only ride the Glacier Park Inc shuttle to the Border  
($40); then have to walk into Canada & go thru Canadian Customs; after that  
Tamarack Shuttle will take me to Waterton Town Site ($20, if they are 
making a  drop off at the Border, but $80 if they just come to get me). The 
clerks at  Glacier Park Lodge and their lodge in St Mary don't seem to know 
anything about  this, so be warned. It's apparently no longer a simple, 1 bus, 
$50 trip. Check  and double check that you'll get met by Tamarack, if you're 
going into Canada to  hike the CDT Sbound.
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
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