[Cdt-l] Trail Angel in the Mimbres

Lynnae lmcconaha at aol.com
Thu Aug 16 12:09:15 CDT 2012

It looks like Will and I will be away around the middle of September.  If anyone thinks they will be coming this way around the middle of September it would be good to know.  I can still put packages on the shelves on the porch and we will have someone watching the house...looking for a house sitter.  You are totally welcome to use our yard and faucet for water.  I can also direct you to a few others in the Valley who are happy to see the CDT hikers, and have extra beds and showers.

Safe journey.

Lynnae and Will McConaha

"Love is a living energy that when released into the world goes on and on forever blessing everyone it reaches."

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