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View this email online : http://mail.tango.me/a/tBQGKnAB8V8B8B8amH6AELcWa.B8V8B83I/hosted?email=cdt-l@backcountry.net&NAME=Robert S.&SUBJECT=Robert S. wants you to check out Tango for free phone calls and free video calls 

www.tango.me http://mail.tango.me/a/tBQGKnAB8V8B8B8amH6AELcWa.B8V8B83I/toplogo1 

Free mobile voice and video calls wherever you are http://mail.tango.me/a/tBQGKnAB8V8B8B8amH6AELcWa.B8V8B83I/toplogo2 

Check out Tango for making free phone calls and free video calls on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Tango lets you make free international calls and works over 3G, 4G, and WiFi so you can talk wherever you are. Download Tango here. : http://mail.tango.me/a/tBQGKnAB8V8B8B8amH6AELcWa.B8V8B83I/download 
See you soon!
-Robert S.

Tango http://mail.tango.me/a/tBQGKnAB8V8B8B8amH6AELcWa.B8V8B83I/toplogo3 


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Call between Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and Android devices

If you have questions or need assistance, please visit our help forum athttp://support.tango.me : http://mail.tango.me/a/tBQGKnAB8V8B8B8amH6AELcWa.B8V8B83I/forum 


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