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I just sent this to Why Not and realized it would be good water and fire
closure info for the rest of you NOBO folks.  Dirt Monger was in great
spirits after finishing with Lint this last Monday.  So the info is hot off
the press.
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Hey Nancy,
Dirt Monger was in Helena and met me at MacDonald Pass and chauffered me
all over town, including the Forest Service, a long way from our hotel.
 What a guy.  As he is leaving tomorrow and won't be able to get you to the
FS office, I wanted to leave you some fire closure info.  Hike CDT as
normal from MacDonald to Rogers Pass and on to Welcome Pass, where the
closure begins.  Turn right (northeast) onto trail 214 which will lead to
Jackie Creek and becomes trail 215.  Keep hiking NE (about 4 miles from
Welcome Pass) and turn left, (northwest) onto trail 244 toward the Double
Falls CG about 3 miles.  At the CG turn left onto a main dirt rd which will
take you all the way to
Benchmark.  This is the rd to Benchmark.  Dirt says the detour was really
Water is an issue.  Dirt gave me the good spots.  I'll give you the Ley map
number and note:
Mt 27, note 6
Mt 25, note 1
Mt 24, note 2. Also just below note 5 on the alternate.  The first water
you get to is lousy, hike to near the end of the alternate and the water
gets good.
Mt 23, note 1.  There's a tiny sign saying H2O. Hike a bit off trail.
Mt 22, note 2 really important to fill up as there is no water for 18 miles
after this one at Rogers Pass.
Mt 20, note 5, water is in back of a dry pond.
Also on Mt 20, note 2 and above it at sharp bend to the west.
After that water is not a problem all the way to Canada.
Hike on you wonderful folks!
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