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Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 21:32:10 CDT 2012

"Hello All,

During my time on the PCT I have run into numerous repeat thru-hikers. I am
curious if anyone on this list falls into that category and if so what kind
of job(s) do you work in the PCT off season (October-March) to help fund
your thru-hikes? My thru hiking experience turned out to be extremely
addictive and I can see myself attempting multiple thru-hikes in the future
but doing that in my area of work is the equivalent of committing career
suicide so I am looking for other careers that are more "PCT thru-hike"



I worked as an industrial and residential plumber before my first long
distance hike.
I took a leave of absence and returned after 5 months.
Hike #2 I quit with notice and went hiking. Afterwards.Well, .People still
need houses plumbed so i got my job back..
Hike #3 I came back and had to do carpet cleaning for 8 months before i got
my old plumbing job back.

Everyone at work knows I reserve the right to take off and go hiking with
no guarantee. of employment afterwards.

Three times I went, and three times i found work upon my return.

Everyone will tell you not to go because its such a bad economy you should
not risk your job.
Well, they are right.
I say go anyways.
Doors will open where you see only walls now.

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