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Sat Aug 25 12:12:04 CDT 2012

Waterton Town Site AB:
    Hostel is closed; hotel has new owner & closed  the hostel part; 
camping was $23 in the big campground.
E Glacier Park MT:
    Backpacker's Inn (behind Serrano's  Mexican Restaurant is now $15/nite.
    I left my car parked on the street by the  Backpacker's Inn gate, for 
10 days with no problems.
    Lowest priced food is Two Medicine Grill, just  around corner from 
Backpacker's Inn.
Glacier NP MT:    
    Reserved my GNP Campsites about 2 weeks ahead for  $30, and got what I 
wanted, with one exception; in 
        that case I just hitched E  to the St Mary Hiker/Biker site in the 
CG (or could have waited for the free 
        shuttle) and hiked back to  CDT on Red Eagle Trail.
    Be aware that Fifty Mountain and both Morning Star  Lk CGs have burned 
trees around almost all tent 
        sites; I won't sleep within  reach of dead trees, and GNP has had 
years to cut the dead trees around
        these pads; they emphasize  safety, but expect hikers to sleep on 
dangerous tent pads. I slept in a
        meadow nearby at Fifty Mtn,  and on the lake shore at Morning Star 
foot. A cold front with 50 mph
        winds came through Fifty  Mtn that evening; we heard over 10 trees 
go crashing down, and saw some of
        those fall.
    Didn't see even 1 bear in GNP; very disappointed;  wanted to see 
Grizzly in wild. Bull moose was hanging
        around one campsite when  went to get food off hanging bar. 
Yellowstone NP next year will probably  be
        last chance, unless I see  one S of Stemple Pass. Never saw any 
bears from E Glacier Park to 
        Stemple Pass 2 years ago  either. 
Darby MT:
    On drive to visit relatives in CA, spent night in  Darby. Little Blue 
Joint (406-821-0023), right downtown, is 
        back, after a 1-yr+ hiatus  from across street; very large, very 
good burrito; also burgers &  pizza.
    Budget Motel Darby (406-821-2096), right downtown,  gave me a $45 
"hiker" price.
    Deb's Restaurant, right downtown, had good  breakfast.
    PO is right downtown I noticed.
Chief Joseph & Lost Trail Passes MT:
    E of US-93 & N of MT-23? is a maze of cross  country ski trails, and 
may be confusing hiking into or out of 
        area; CDT was fairly  clearly marked across MT-43, but didn't see 
supposed side trail to US-93 to 
        avoid walking/hitching W on  MT-43 to US-93; Gibbons Pass Rd may be 
it, but it's definitely not clear.
        Traffic on US-93 okay, but  very light on MT-43.
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