[Cdt-l] Cost of hiking the entire CDT?

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Mon Aug 27 23:38:50 CDT 2012

Just one comment on that number... Depending on your personal situation, 
be sure to consider what you "won't" be spending on the CDT; no rent, no 
utilities, no gas, no other daily living expenses... spending $5000 on a 
4-5 month hiking trip is an exceptional value. It's a lot less than most 
people spend in their regular "non-trail" lives.

How much you spend depends a lot on how you manage your resupply, how 
many nights you stay in hotels... which hotel... if you have 
"roommates", and how much will power you have to resist binging in town. 
$5000 would be a pretty posh trail experience by some standards. You 
could get by on quite a bit less than that.

Then, there are the expenses that you might have already spent - gear, 
clothing, equipment... For some people, this is nearly $0 (well, except 
replacement shoes). For others, it's a lot.

Anyway, while it's good to have a budget, just remember there are a lot 
of ways to calculate it.

Best of luck!


On 8/23/2012 6:54 PM, David Thibault wrote:
> I second the recommendation on Yogi's book -- Invaluable for a newbie 
> to long distance hiking.
> I'd recommend about $5000.  You can and probably will do it for less 
> (although many spend more) but that should be enough to get you through.
> I would recommend not cutting it too close $ wise.  I've seen too many 
> people run out of funds during thier trip (mostly on the AT).
> Day-Late (who has not yet hiked the CDT  - but is planning to 
> this coming year)
>     Mike ? ? ?go to www.pcthandbook.com <http://www.pcthandbook.com>
>     and orderYogi's Continental Divide Handbook. ? ?This will give you
>     a lot of the best info that you can find. ? It will also give you
>     info on where to get other information. ? ? Good luck on the trail
>     ? ? ?it will be a trip of a lifetime.
>     jorgy pct 06
>     .
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