[Cdt-l] Great Divide Basin water report

Adrienne Marshall amarshall813 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 20:18:11 CDT 2012

We hiked through the Great Divide Basin southbound from Atlantic City
starting August 14th and wanted to give a brief water report. For the most
part, it's pretty simple - all the info on the Ley maps is pretty much
correct, both for sources he says are good and bad. Unfortunately, I threw
away my old maps, so I can't reference his map numbers.

Only a few things to add to Ley's info:
1. There's a source where he talks about finding old shoes in a barrel,
just south of Brenton spring. We found that this source was good, with a
slight "pipey" taste. The barrel was easy to find, and visible from the
trail. There's a faucet handle inside the barrel, which might be covered
with a potato sack.

2. South of Rawlins, if you take the shortcut - we drank out of the Teton
Reservoir. It tasted pretty terrible, but was not too saline/alkaline to

3. About 20 miles south of the Teton Resevoir is Fish Creek. About a mile
north of where this is marked on the Ley map, it looks like the water is
coming out from under the road. If you walk down to where you see the
stream, there's great water bubbling up out of the ground there.
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