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We gave a ride to some hikers back from Winston.  They said they had to wait
about an hour for the ride into town.  There were fires in the area and the
road had quite a bit of traffic at that time.  The store has some really
nice showers, rental towels, and a laundromat.  That is a dry stretch
heading north so if you go to Winston, remember to bring water back with
you.   Lots of hikers cache water where the trail crosses the highway.  


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Highway 59 is paved, but sees much less traffic than Hwy 12 into Reserve.
You might encounter hunters, or forest service / firefighting personnel out
of Beaverhead. In other words, good chances for a ride when they arise. I
believe a GET'er or two successfully managed to hitch into Winston after a
long wait. Best to have a little extra food on hand, just in case. The ride
back might be a little less challenging, as Hwy 52 sees some rancher traffic
out of Dusty. 

Another option would be to walk into Chloride (and/or Winston) via FR 226
near Lookout Mountain. The CDT follows the road for a mile (heading the
wrong way for nobos); leave the trail where it first joins the road and head
east, 12 or 13 miles into town. It's a long descent and return climb but is
scenic. You might get lucky with the ATV traffic, especially on weekends. 

- blisterfree

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Farther north, can anyone testify to hitching into Winston via 59/52?
Is there even less traffic on 59 than on the road to Reserve?



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