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> Black Range Resupply:
> Hitching to Winston on the little highway might be long, but I'm sure someone would eventually come by. About half mile or so East of the place the trail crosses the paved highway are a few houses. Walking down that way a hiker could probably find a ride if the pass wasn't producing one, especially if you hit it early in the morning when people are going to work.

> One of the families that lives there took me in for a night back in 2008 on my GET hike. The mom of the family works at the general store in Winston & the oldest daughter goes in to town every day to check on the horses they keep in the valley. For the life of me I can't remember their names, but they served as wonderful & pretty magical trail angels (though they have never heard the term before).
>    They saw me walking by the Winston store in the dark & just didn't feel right about leaving a hiker to camp in the town baseball dugouts, and besides they had thanksgiving leftovers that they needed help eating!
     For some reason ( probably dehydration) I didn't realize I could have hitched in to Winston from the highway. I did see two trucks pass me there in the 10 minutes I was near the road. Instead I hiked to where chloride creek road crosses the trail & walked the 12 miles to town along a dirt forest service road. The road was a beautiful walk, but pretty steep. I figured it would be another 12 miles back up to the trail (.5 a day of road walking) because there was no traffic.
    I happened to ask a guy driving a 4wd golf cart type thingy if he knew anybody I could pay to take me back up chloride creek, & before I knew it I was riding in the tricked out golf cart listening to awesome stories about Geronimo as he & his dog drove me to the trail. 
      The town of Winston was very good to me & is one of my all time favorite trail towns. The general store had everything I needed (they even made me a sewing needle out of a fishing hook!) & the post office is one of the cutest anywhere. It'd take some time to get to a resupply there, but it would help break up that 170ish mile stretch. It is not easy to get there, but it's a great little town! 
    Happy Trails!

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