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Mon Dec 3 13:26:04 CST 2012

Chloride Creek and its northern tributary are fairly reliable except in late spring. Otherwise there's Turkey Spring, located 3/4 of a mile W of the trail where it leaves FR 226 heading northbound.

6 miles before Hwy 59, 0.3 mile E of the Divide in a narrow drainage is a spring (shown on maps) and trough that has never been observed dry (since 2005). 

North of Hwy 59 are Adobe Spring (mapped; about a mile off-route) and Dry Time Tank (less reliable in spring). If both were dry and a hiker were out of water, one could head E just beyond Dry Time, 5 miles and a couple thousand vertical feet down off the Divide, via unsigned, fenceline-hugging Trail 60 (GET route), to Duck Canyon where there's a solar well and tank of fair reliability. This is at the eastern edge of the Gila NF bordering private land, though with access to a public right-of-way dirt road that in an emergency would lead a hiker out to a few houses near Dusty.

Otherwise I'd agree that a Hwy 59 water cache or Winston detour makes sense for CDT'ers in particular, given the long dry stretch heading out to the San Augustin Plain if following the official route. 


- Brett
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