[Cdt-l] Black range resupply and water

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The Winston store probably isn't suitable for resupply without sending a maildrop to the PO there in town. Unless their stock has changed dramatically in recent months, then it will be snacks, canned goods, and microwave items mostly. They do offer some nice Winston General Store official merchandise however. The ballcap in woodland camo is a good bet for landing that difficult return-trip hitchhike. 

You may well be the first person to hike any distance in the Black Range since the last GET'er in the spring. As such, we'd be very interested in hearing about trail and water conditions when you get back. (For reference, the GET runs concurrently with the CDT from just south of Diamond Peak north to around Dry Time Tank.) Conditions this fall have been near-record dry in the region and with very little rain in sight. So any sources that are still flowing at this time will be like liquid gold and maybe worth a promotion on the water chart.

- Brett

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TY all for the help with the black range resupply and water.
I just called Winston, N.M. And there is a well stocked general store there. I will prolly go there for resupply and water at some point. 
Going to do a loop from silver city up and thru the blacks on the official Cdt. Staying with some local climbers who know the area and have been very helpful also. 
Will post when done. Think Jerry and all are right about the stretch of 33 miles sans h2o is the crux 
Thanks all for the help. Be headed out tomorrow for ten days or so. 
Life is a hike 

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