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In rough shape, some cracks, not easy to read, but it was there on April 9,


It was really hot down there that day, and that was early April.  Bet it was
hot in May, 1907.  Perhaps the heat drove the Cook Crazy..    


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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The concrete slab was not destroyed as of 2009.   It was still there.
However, a line below "AX MARK BTDEAE" has been chipped off.


Dr Bob


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I was rummaging through my computer looking for my xmas card list and found
a picture of the original monument at Crazy Cook - someone used a stick to
scratch into some wet concrete the following:


             FRANK EVANS BORN

            JUNE 12 1865 KILLED

            HERE MAY 1 1907 BY


            IN COLD BLOOD WITH A

            AX  MARK BYDEAE


as I understand this incident some workers were building the fence between
the u.s. and mexico and frank pissed off the cook - I have contacted a few
local historians about this and have checked with people in hachita and no
one seems to know anything about it - also, I understand that the concrete
on the rock has been destroyed

have any of you old timers hikers got a similiar picture of this?


el coyote






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