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Liz… La Zorra,
OK, Talk about a teaser!  Mentioning that you’d heard the whole story and then not sharing it.  Major pout.  J
How about digging your notes out and sharing what you heard?   When else are those of us on the CDT list (and/or who have done the CDT) going to have as fine an access to the true story of “Crazy Cook?”
Dr Bob
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I have a pic somewhere too.  I've been on the CDT since 1990 as it's my favorite trail.  Once I had the misfortune of ramming both feet into a stout cactus hidden in the grass just before I-10.  After removing as many of the needles as I could, I limped my way towards Silver City.  My feet swelled and reddened horribly.  This wonderful couple, John and Mary Evans from White Signal took pity on me and insisted I recuperate with them.  Turns out that John was either the son or grandson (I think he was the son but I can't remember for sure, unless it's in my notes somewhere) of the Frank Evans who was killed by the Crazy Cook and told me the whole story.  John was in poor health at the time with frequent visits to the VA hospital but was a great storyteller.  His wife, Mary, once owned the nursing home in town.  This couple didn't have much but I'll be forever grateful for their love and kindness.

~~La Zorra~~ 

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I was rummaging through my computer looking for my xmas card list and found a picture of the original monument at Crazy Cook - someone used a stick to scratch into some wet concrete the following:
             FRANK EVANS BORN
            JUNE 12 1865 KILLED
            HERE MAY 1 1907 BY
            IN COLD BLOOD WITH A
            AX  MARK BYDEAE
as I understand this incident some workers were building the fence between the u.s. and mexico and frank pissed off the cook - I have contacted a few local historians about this and have checked with people in hachita and no one seems to know anything about it - also, I understand that the concrete on the rock has been destroyed
have any of you old timers hikers got a similiar picture of this?
el coyote

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