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As a Colorado native I'm a bit dismayed at some of these remarks. Why should
everything on the CDT have to be a mirror image of the AT?  How does the
"HYOH" philosophy fit in with this exclusionary attitude?  The demographics
of the Rockies are completely different than other parts of the country. Our
problem is generally not overuse, but underuse, and this proposed new trail
is in one of the least used parts of the entire state. 

This reroute of the CDT will be following the Colorado Trail, which has
always been open to hikers, horses, and mountain bikes except in wilderness
areas. Those who have hiked the CDT will probably remember the 200+ miles on
CT as the best maintained and marked piece of the entire route.  Hikers,
horses, and bikes have been sharing the CT for over 20 years with few
issues. The new route will be built primarily by the Colorado Trail
Foundation, who will also adopt and maintain it. A good number of the CTF
adopters are also mountain bikers. My guess is that the CTF will come out
solidly for allowing the current multi-use designation to remain for the new

+1 with Brett on the moderator. 

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Why don't we frame the matter another way: 

We can disagree without being disagreeable. Actually we'd better, now that
the forum has a moderator at the switch once again. Thanks to Ryan on that.

- Brett


>>On this subject?  No.   The CDT is, by law, hiker and horse compatible. If
you throw bikes into the mix, then somewhere, sometime, someone gets hurt.  
Horses DO NOT get along with bikes.  Went through this crap in PA.  The CDT
doesn't need it.   
Subject: Re: [Cdt-l] Mountain bikes on the CDT

Can't we all....just get along?
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