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Hikers and backpackers and horsemen and mountain bikers and paddlers and
rock climbers and snowshoers and cross country skiers have more in common
than not. They are often the same people. Even an old guy like me does four
or five of those things. We all try to have fun with muscle power and we
should cooperate to that end.  Motocross and ATV and snow machines need
there own trails. But even those three have a lot in common with us muscle
power folks in that we all like to get off the couch and play outside. It
is not us against them. It is us against us.

If I can work with the bears and the alligators and the ticks I think I can
work with the others who have common cause.

On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 11:56 AM, Steven Camp <wingnut.hiker at gmail.com>wrote:

> As a Colorado native I'm a bit dismayed at some of these remarks. Why
> should
> everything on the CDT have to be a mirror image of the AT?  How does the

Everything is in Walking Distance
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