[Cdt-l] Mountain Bikes on the CDT

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 13:42:30 CST 2012

I wrote this for PCT-L, but think it applies here, too.  For whatever reason, Coloradoans seem to have be more inclined
to share with MTBikers. Perhaps it is a different culture?

As with Bob, I've had a different experience than what you all have had. Perhaps because Colorado has a mountain bike culture, think there is more education of the users. On the CT and other areas,
I've only encountered polite mtbikers who were courteous.  Furthermore, I've done trailwork with mountain bikers. Not just people who happen to mountain bike, but actual mountain bike
orgs who have adopted a section of trail or even have built the entire open space trail over several seasons.  

One memorable trailwork project was sponsored by a mountain bike group for their section of the CT, had the tools carted in by horses and was worked on by people who
hiked OR biked in to the worksite.  Multi-trail use at its finest! :) 

I don't doubt you've all encountered less-than-stellar  mtn bikers on the PCT because anyone who would break the rules to begin is probably not exactly a good trail steward. ;) 

Personally, I think limited sections of the PCT can be open to mtbikers esp ones outside of wilderness areas that get limited use and are
not overly erosion prone (I saw much flati-sh single track when I did the PCT for example. As human-powered outdoor recreation users, I think we should try to fight for 
the common good and not divide ourselves.  

Lastly, and I know this will be shocking, but it is possible to be a Mountain Biker AND a backpacker (and a backcountry skier 
and a climber). Many people do more than one activity.  Mind you, I don't mtn bike at all. 
Haven't tried mtn biking since 1999...nor do I intend to. :)

 Guess if sharing the trail can work in Colorado most of the time, think it is possible in other areas too.

Paul "Mags" Magnanti
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