[Cdt-l] Biker/Hiker Protocol

Len Glassner len5742 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 14:36:19 CST 2012

Most of the cyclists I encountered were polite, in that they thanked
me as they passed by.  Sometimes pleasantries were quickly exchanged.
One was even kind enough to stop and check that I was OK when I
tripped and fell jumping out of the way, similar to Charlie Thorpe's
experience.  So in that sense, its all good.

My first encounter with a bike on the trail was on the TRT.  It was
really quite funny I think.  I heard a higher pitched ringing
sound...what is that, what is that...I've never heard a bird sing like
that????.....I  was baffled. Then a cyclist emerged from the thick
cover.  I was his bell.  It never occurred to me....

I just had to post the CT and IMBA 'shoulds' for hiker/biker
interactions because I find them rather more honoured in the breach
than in the observance.  I resent the disingenuous aspect and had to
vent.  Why ride a bike if you have to dismount for every freakin'
hiker?  Share the trail, but ....

Of course Steven says my assertions are all wrong.

Anyway, my assumption is that cycling enthusiasts will have access
where they want it on the CDT, so no worries there.  (It is
interesting to note that the 'Share the Trail' page I referenced on
the IMBA website was written by the Montana branch of the CDTA, which
I assume is the predecessor to the CDTC.)  I'm more interested to see
what happens to the PCT.  In the end I expect the decision there will
be decided not by soil samples, protocols, quality of wilderness
experience or any well-reasoned argument, but by $$$ and political
muscle, as always.  Whatever.

Mostly I just delete these kinds of discussions, they don't accomplish
anything except cause me to lose respect for some people when I find
out how they think.  Promise I won't waste any more bandwidth.

Back to the resupply spreadsheet.

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