[Cdt-l] added support for the CDT

world_peace at montrose.net world_peace at montrose.net
Sat Dec 15 10:44:08 CST 2012

I just wanted to share a very positive thought about the CDT.  I am 74 years of age and in very good health and love to hike and to trek.  For years I have been climbing all of the highest points in each state as well as other interesting peaks and hikes.  However at this age, I am beginning to feel a little intimitated by climbing, especially where there is loose rocks on a steep ascent.  I have climbed 50 of 54 of Colorado's 14eers, butt decided to finad a positive alternative.  The CDT looked ideal since I knew there would be great views and high vistas so my daughter, Kris, and I and friends from Tibet, decided to walk/trek part of the CDT, knowing it would be at high altitudes with great views.  Our trip in SW Colorado was great and the views were indeed marvelous.  I felt some sadness in not finishing climbing the last 4 of the 14'ers, but, as I expected, the views on the CDT were great and the feeling was like climbing my beloved 14'ers.  So I'm sure I/we will continue to pick out and hike/trek parts of the CDT or other similar opportunites to get the marvelous views of the real world rather than the latest traffic jam. I am thankful for your email account where we can all share our experiences.  Peace to all and continued great trekking, Bill Duckworth in beautiful Montrose and San Juan areas. I'm pleased with this site and love to read other's accounts.

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