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Just finished up black range loop from silver city. 
It was almost 100 mile walk to get back up there to where the trail cuts east. 
There are two types of "tanks" 
There is the manmade vessel tank made out of stone, metal, plastic, etc....
Then there is the "puddle tank" where there is a collection area for water runoff. 
The former is always better then the latter. I found no puddle tanks that one would drink other then in a dire emergency. These are just too foul. 

Greenish water from manmade tanks compared to brown poop water from puddles.
The muddy collection areas are poop collectors.. Every time it rains all the cow and horse and herd dog poop gets washed downhill into the puddle and evaporation then condenses it. One of these was down to just a few gallons left and if you saw what was left at end you wouldnt want to consume it I assure you. There is no circulation or water change over in the puddle tanks. 
I tried once at the "deadman tank at the "ley ok corral"
Surprised I am still alive and don't have weird growths all over me:)
Don't want to try that again.....
Manmade tanks are far better because there is no cow or horse poop in them and the water is replenished and refreshed. The only critters I can see that can get into these tanks are birds. Their poop falls into the tank increasing the nitrogen content producing an algae bloom and hence the greenish tinge. 
Coming east from coyote peak I recommend the greenwood well. Which is about .7miles off the trail. YOU CANNOT SEE IT FROM THE TRAIL it's a wind mll tank set up 
This time of year some of the windmill fans have been pulled down maybe for the winter but there is still water there usually. 
The Garcia windmill is biggest I've seen and it's tank had water and whoever built it the new steel tank was wise enough to face the dispense trough to the south where it melts enough to obtain liquid h20. Otherwise it would have just been ice. The herds of deer and elk know this and come into drink right at dark cause they know in a couple of hours it will be frozen solid. 
Only 4 miles or so east of Garcia is a contraption I call the "double dish" you will see it. From the trail. Its an above ground cement cylinder with a big old concave sat dish set atop to collect water. There is a valve under wooden box to release water into a dish about 30 feet downhill. Since it was below zero the night before at Garcia I think it was simply frozen solid.
Winston store during this slow time of year had 
Peanut butter jelly and nuts and big bags of chips
Packs of cold cuts and packs of tuna deviled ham and large wheat tortillas. Bacon and eggs. 
Looked to be a little light on liptons and dinners they did have minute rice. Send yourself a box. 
Jerry Brown said he saw a Mexican Wolf in the blacks and I believe him. One of only 58 known in the state according to the wildlife biologist I spoke to at length about them informed me. About 12 packs. They are in jeopardy because of the collars they wear. They have found a couple shot and they believe someone might be using the signal to hunt them down. She believes the uncollared ones if there are any might save them. Everywhere one goes in Winston you see the stickers "No Wolves" locals don't want em. 
We had a big winter storm and another today so I dropped down east a little lower and made my way back to silver city 
So no water report from 52/59 south. 
It's a little late in the season. 
Thanks to all on CDT-L for all the help and info this year. 
Be 7 months for me soon and it's been a great hike. 
Nothing left to do but finish up....
Happy Holidays all!
The view from solitary Mt. Pelona is sweet. 
Life is a hike!
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